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Butte Magic of Ignorance is a film about genealogy, about the search for an ancestor, and about Butte, Montana, a city built atop a mountain of copper. It is a silent film with radio soundtrack.

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Noel Holston, television writer for the Minneapolis Star Tribune, recently mentioned the movie in his column.

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The film is a production of Neversweat Films, which is the team of Rob Price and John Akre.

Pre-production planning began years ago, and the first script was written in near-Exquisite Corpse fashion by Akre and Price through e-mail. Filming took place in Butte and Bozeman, Montana during the first two weeks of August 1999. The film was edited on a home computer with an inexpensive firewire card and lots of fast hard drive storage. The first cut was finished in early October. The producers are now seeking exhibition for the film and entering it in festivals.

The world premiere showing of Butte Magic of Ignorance was held on Wednesday December 8, 1999.

It was also screened at the Irish Times Pub in Uptown Butte a couple times around St. Patrick's Day 2000, and at the Acadia Coffee shop in Minneapolis in August.

We had a Butte gala screening on June 8, 2001 at the auditorium of Montana Tech, and a Minneapolis gala screening on July 22, 2001 at the Heights Theatre.

The cast of the film

Mary Charlotte Farmer......Irene
Dan Akre.......Frank
Kristine Harley.......Emily
Dan Glenn.......Irene's boyfriend
Megan Shaw.......a friend

The film features music by The Sandwiches,
Own, Skyward, and The Los Hermanos Brothers.

Total Running Time: 88 minutes

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