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Greg Carr in a mix
Video of the Ancient Mixmaster


Featuring Artist Greg  Carr

Video by John Akre

"Carr doesn't make rhythms out of sound, nay, no little simple beatings for him. He's not a tune boy, a petty rhymer or a dittywailer. He's not one of the sing-song repeaters, the simpleton samplers or the bam bam borers. No way. He's not content unless he creates entire planets, cosmoses, huge landscapes, nay, universes of sound from horizon to horizon, from atom to infinity. Into these places, into these sound-only spaces we can live for real, we can design our alternate ideal future-world lives. He ushers us quietly into the 3 AM dreamscape and then twists us and turns us as if we were that sweater that we were rolling between our fingers while our mind roamed on other matters..."

Dr. Hubert Zork (from the liner notes from Greg Carr's CD "Rimes of the Ancient Mix-master"


mixmaster at work Ancient mixing turntable


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