Sloppy Films Sloppy Films
Cassidy Basement Dreams

8 minutes 2005

Video by John Akre


"Cassidy Basement Dreams" is a collection of dreams stories collect in the Cassidy basement during Tom's birthday party on December 19, 2004. The dream stories were told into my microcassette recorder while I filmed the dream story teller with my Bolex 16mm camera. A backwound the roll and shot a bunch of quick images from the Cassidy basement. The light was low. I slowed the video down after I made a very inadequate film to video transfer. That's it.

Watch it on cable TV in Minneapolis
channel - day - time
16 Saturday 1/29 7 p.m.
17 Saturday 2/5 8 p.m.
75 Wednesday 2/9 11:30 p.m.
17 Sunday 2/20 6 p.m.


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