Memory of the Mask

A Script* by Manfred Ladyfriend


Loverman (He)

Loverwoman (She)

*Soon to be a movie

Memory of the Mask

Scene 1

She: What is this?

He: What is what?

She: What is you, and me.

He: I don't care

She: You don't care

He: I really don't

She: What do you mean?

He: I guess, I mean I'm bored.

She: You're bored of us, right?

He: No, I'm bored of - I'm bored with you.

She: And I'm bored with you. I'm bored with everything about us. I'm bored with my life, with your life, I'm bored with the car or the dog, whatever we have, I'm bored with our TV and its channels, with our placemats, with our silverware, with my entire wardrobe, aside from that one skirt that my girlfriend picked out that I really like.

He: I guess I'm just bored. I don't know any other way to put it. I'm not sure why - I don't even remember what it's like to get excited about anything - I guess I'm bored because I've forgotten what it's like to get excited about anything.

She: I'm bored because you're so boring.

He: I'm boring? What about you? All you can talk about is how bored you are at everything - now that's boring. At least I can keep myself entertained.

She: I think it's over.

He: What - it's not even the bottom of the hour yet.

She: Not the TV - us, we're over.

He: Darling, if this means we're over, then we've been over for a long long time.

Memory of the Mask

Scene 2

He: It wasn't always this boring.

She: Yeah, you used to be interesting

He: There used to be surprises

She: You wouldn't surprise me today, not a chance.

He: Why would I even want to surprise you?

She: I can remember the surprises - maybe they don't seem so surprising any more.

He: Are you surprised at that?

She: I guess I was surprised when I first met you.

He: I don't know who you are.

She: I was wearing a mask - you were wearing a mask.

He: That's when I liked you, when you were wearing a mask.

She: Very funny. But a mask would really become you.

He: Do you still have that mask?

She: It got thrown out years ago - it broke.

He: What was the mask?

She: I forget - I can't remember what mine was. I can't remember anything anymore - that's what happens when it's so boring.

He: I think I remember a little.

Memory of the Mask

Scene 3

She: Was this the mask I wore?

He: I bet I wore this.

She: How about this mask?

He: I am somebody else - I am not me.

She: I'm that person over there.

He: Why me? No.

She: Me? Not a chance.

He: Unfortunately, I am no longer home.

She: No, I'm sorry. I'm not within.

He: I'm out to lunch.

She: Me? No, this isn't me.

He: I don't know where I went.

She: Excuse me, I'm sorry, did you have a question?

He: Now where could I be.

She: Who is this?

He: It's not you.

She: It's not you.

He: Wait a second - it is.

She: Yes, it is!

Memory of the Mask

Scene 4

He: Kiss me.

She: Yes, kiss me hard.

He: Kiss me here.

She: Kiss me here.

He: Kiss me with your lips.

She: Kiss me with your hands.

He: Kiss me with your legs.

She: Kiss me with your words.

He: Kiss me you fool.

She: Kiss me you so and so.

He: Kiss me with abandon.

She: Kiss me as a matter of fact.

He: Kiss me very much so.

She: Kiss me with your love, and tenderly.

He: Kiss this and this and this.

She: And kiss me likewise.

He: Kiss me until it's pure love.

She: Kiss me until you can't go on.

He: Kiss me and do whatever.

She: Kiss me and so forth.

He: Kiss me and please me.

She: Kiss me and have a good day.

He: Kiss me now.

She: Kiss me forever.

He: Kiss me nicely.

She: Kiss me and make it pleasant.

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