Episode 26: Infinity Transit Odyssey Part 6 - Vancouver Winnipeg Home

Beginning in late September 2005, I took a rail trip in which I visited eleven cities and rode transit in all of them. I had bought a North America pass from Amtrak and Via rail. This pass allows virtually unlimited travel by rail in the U.S. and Canada for 30 days.

This is the last episode of this Art House Vacation video of mine.

In this show I start out in Vancouver. There I ride the Skytrain, an elevated light rail line that gives outstanding views of this mountain-surrounded city. I enjoy taking the electric buses, and wander thru the city's immense Stanley Park. Then I get back on the train.

This time I ride Via Rail, Canada's passenger service. I ride the Canadian train, the line that connects Vancouver to Toronto. I will ride it over the Rockies and as far as Winnipeg.

The ride over the Rockies takes you thru breathtaking mountain vistas, and close to the mighty Mount Robson.

The Via trains feature older cars with a dome car. The dome actually sits above the standard level of the train and gives you views both in front and behind the train. The smallness of this space capsule space also means that it is an intensely social place, and everybody up there gasps at the vistas and gets acquainted.

At the beginning of my last night riding my month long rail pass, I meet a man who is just beginning to ride on his brand new 30 day North America pass.

The ride continues down the mountains to the flat prairies of Manitoba, and then on to Winnipeg.

In Winnipeg I get around on the bus transit system and enjoy some of the city's older architecture. I also walk across a new pedestrian/bike bridge crossing the Red River.

I take the bus from Winnipeg to Minneapolis and that is the end of my great transit journey.

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