Episode 23: Infinity Transit Odyssey Part 4 - Toronto Chicago Denver

Beginning in late September 2005, I took a rail trip in which I visited eleven cities and rode transit in all of them. I had bought a North America pass from Amtrak and Via rail. This pass allows virtually unlimited travel by rail in the U.S. and Canada for 30 days.

In this fourth episode about my travels, I take the train from Montreal to Toronto on the weekend of Canadian Thanksgiving, so the train is crowded.

It is a rainy day, and I make a few animations and shoot some rainy windows on the six hour trip.

I am only in Toronto for the evening, and a wet evening it is. I take a walk around the center of the city and videotape the Toronto streetcars. I also took a short subway ride, but I did not tape it.

The next day I return to Toronto's Union Station and catch a train to Buffalo. In Buffalo I have a ten hour layover while I wait for a train to Chicago, but meet a pair of women from Germany and a train observing club, and my new friends help me pass the time.

In Chicago I visit my sister and her family for a short visit, and then take the afternoon and night train ride from Chicago to Denver.

That night on the train I have strange dreams in part promoted by a strange lumpy man sitting in front of me who wears a powder blue sweat suit.

In Denver I stay with old friends and video tape the light rail trains and the buses on the bus mall downtown. Then I catch an express bus to Boulder to visit some friends of mine who live there.

Watch a clip from show 23.

Upcoming episodes will take me on a trip in the shape of an infinity sign.

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