Episode 22: Infinity Transit Odyssey Part 3 - New York Montreal

Beginning in late September 2005, I took a rail trip in which I visited eleven cities and rode transit in all of them. I had bought a North America pass from Amtrak and Via rail. This pass allows virtually unlimited travel by rail in the U.S. and Canada for 30 days.

In this third episode about my travels, I catch the Amtrak train in Philadelphia on a Sunday morning following my three full days there for the conference of the Alliance for Community Media.

I catch a train to New York City, and within three hours I am there.

have only a day and a half in New York, which is not enough, but have some time to ride the subways and a bus and walk all over this city of walkers. I also make some animations about the architecture of the city, especially Daniel Burnham's Flatiron Building.

From New York I take the Adirondak train, that follows the Hudson River up New York state and then along Lake Champlain and over the Canadian border. Then we enter the suburbs of Montreal.

In Montreal I walk again quite a bit and take the Montreal Metro, an incredibly efficient transit network. I also hang out at a pedestrian only street, Avenue Prince Arthur.

After a ride up the funicular that climbs up the sports stadium, my short visit to Montreal is over.

Watch a clip from show 22.

Upcoming episodes will take me on a trip in the shape of an infinity sign.

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