Episode 20: Infinity Transit Odyssey Part 1 - Minneapolis to Philadelphia

Beginning in late September 2005, I took a rail trip in which I visited eleven cities and rode transit in all of them. I had bought a North America pass from Amtrak and Via rail. This pass allows virtually unlimited travel by rail in the U.S. and Canada for 30 days.

In this first episode about my travels, I take the train from Minneapolis to Philadelphia. I take short stops in Chicago and Pittsburgh to change trains, but aside from that, I ride the train steadily for more than 30 hours. I look out the window a lot and think a bit about the experience of travel by rail. I also made some short animations that I animated on the window of the train.

After arriving in Philadelphia, where I have gone for a conference, I meet a couple people from Portland, Oregon and ride the Philadelphia subway with them. TRT 26:43.

Watch a clip from show 20.

Upcoming episodes will take me on a trip in the shape of an infinity sign.

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