Episode 19: Midtown Greenway Phase II Opening

This episode is 60% devoted to bicycle transportation, and features the grand opening celebration of the second phase of the Midtown Greenway. This celebration took place in June 05, and opened the section of the Greenway from 5th Avenue South to Hiawatha Avenue, tying the Greenway into the Hiawatha Line train. I tape the ceremonies and then rode up and down the greenway. There was music under some of the bridges, and information tables and other activities along the route. I had some audio problems with my camera, and did not get audio of some of the many music performances along the route.

The last segment of the show is another bicycle event. This segment is just a quick glance in to the Bike In, an event carried out by the Bell Museum and Minnesota Film Arts. Bicyclists got a discount to this open air music show and outside film performances. The middle of the show is devoted to a bus interview with community organizer Val Barnes, who I ran into on the bus and asked her to tell me some of her thoughts on transit.

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