Episode 16: Transit Cut Hearing at City Hall

This is another rapidly produced show on the topic of transit funding, which is so at risk in this place. The Metropolitan Council, the political entity that operates Metro Transit, held a series of public meetings to get testimony on proposals to cut service and raise fares this fall. Those cuts will be huge, and many people have been showing up for these hearings.

I went to the hearing on April 18, 2005 in Minneapolis City Hall and documented the testimony. Out of over two hours of testimony, I edited this half hour show.

This show does not take place on transit. It is just made out of the compelling statements of many people who will be hit hard by these proposed cuts to transit service.

I also spoke at the hearing, but I was not able to video tape my testimony.

Many people spoke about how route cuts would affect them, but a number of people also spoke about how the Metropolitan Council was derelict in its duty by not requesting from the state legislature the funding they need to operate their transit system.

Information on the service cuts and fare increases can be found on the Metro Transit web site: metrotransit.com.

Hopefully people who see the show will act quickly and contact the governor and state senators and representatives to let them know how important transit is. You can find contact information for them at


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