Episode 14: Hiawatha Remix

Sitting on the Hiawatha Line, looking out the window and slightly overhearing the things that other people are saying is something that I really enjoy. I do not always understand completely what my fellow riders are talking about, but I do enjoy hearing the fragments of worlds that their words conjure up while I space out looking at what we are passing by.

That is the whole idea behind this episode. That and the Jamaican idea of "dub," where you remix a piece of music that you or somebody else did. So I made a remix of my Hiawatha audio to some new video I shot looking out the window.

Behind the shots of the Hiawatha, both the view from inside and the view from outside, you will hear fragments from interviews and speeches I recorded in earlier episodes.

This show is just a tribute to the great Hiawatha Line train, which has made me feel like a real citizen in my city, which is still the best transit news we have had here in quite some time.

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