Episode 13: Transit Day at the State Capitol

This show documents some of the activities of February 9, 2005 - a day of lobbying and rallying for transit at the Minnesota State Capitol. The day started off with a breakfast for transit advocates and some state lawmakers. At nine the center of attention moved to the rotunda of the state capitol, where there was a rousing rally for the Northstar Line, and for increasing the state's funding for transit.

Some of the highlights of the show include the interviews and speeches that I taped at the breakfast, and the enthusiam of the interviews and speeches at the rotunda. The acoustics in the rotunda are very echoing, so some of the speeches are difficult to understand.

One of the most interesting moments of the rally was when Senator Dick Day, long a major foe of funding for transit, spoke at the Northstar rally and said that we have to build transit in the metro area in order to get people out of their steel coccoons. This was a strange moment, and a sign that attitudes toward transit might really be changing in Minnesota.

This show has many shots of buses in downtown St. Paul, and images of the Hiawatha Line, but because it was all shot in and around the state capitol, none of the interviews take place "On Transit," as the motto of the show states. So this is a completely on the ground episode.

Hopefully people who see the show will act quickly and contact the governor and state senators and representatives to let them know how important transit is. You can find contact information for them at


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